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A Book Review and a 40-Day challenge

Generally, I skim books. It’s very obnoxious, but most books deserve it. After a twenty minute or so perusing, you’ve got the main idea and spared yourself 150 pages of redunduncy. Now, if I read a book – well, that book is pretty. darn. good.
This past week, I read a book. Actually, I re-read two chapters, so there. Furthermore, I have been so touched/motivated/impressed that I am embarking on a 40 “program” to change, well, me. What needs changing? Just my basal ganglia and cingulate gyrus, that’s all!!! And don’t be so judgemental; chances are 1 in 10 that something’s ascrew in your pre-frontal cortex!
As you’ve guessed probably, the book is about the brain. Life and the brain. Actually, joyful life and the brain. But I’m making it sound wordy and scientific. It’s the complete opposite. For everything from anger to ADD to worry to sadness, he gives hilarious, practical, common-sense suggestions to combat the brain issue. For example.
If someone, persay, struggled with anxiety (ahem), he lists not only supplements and diet changes that help, but also smells to smell, music to listen to, movies to watch, books, exercises, and Bible passages, catered to you! Then he even lists famous people who have your, um, tendency, so you don’t feel like a freak. The whole time he is comical, lighthearted, encouraging, and hopeful. I have already put some things into practice. And yes, when I am stressed and open up the bottle of vanilla extract, I DO feel better. 🙂 So go read it! Join me on my challenge! There even is a helpful “questionnaire” in the beginning which helps you pinpoint the area of your brain that needs a little work, in case you’re in doubt!


A blog I saw recently had a “overhead in my house” post. I thought that was clever, and decided to copy it after a conversation last night. I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve kind of become a hypochondriac. Todd is my default “doctor” to help me determine the best course of action for my condition(s). Here is a transcript from the other night.

me: “My ear is doing this weird ringing thing. Like I’m on a plane everytime I talk.”
Todd: (not looking up from computer.) “Did you swim today? You probably have water in your ear.”
me: “No, I didn’t. That’s not it.”
Todd: “I guarantee you’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be gone.”
long pause.
me: “I’m afraid it’s a tumor in my head.”
Todd: (finally looks up from computer. smiling. sort of.) “Everyday there’s something different wrong with you. Tomorrow it will be something else. Relax.”
me: Also, my toe is numb. Do you think they are related?
Todd: (gets up. long look. starts to go to the kitchen.)
me: Is that a no?
Poor guy.
ps. my ear is STILL ringing. weird!