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Preschool Activity: ABC scrapbook

Jack’s “B” page 🙂

I love this little project because it’s cute, you can work on it for a few weeks, and it can use lots of skills:

  • letters
  • letter sounds
  • cutting with scissors
  • gluing
  • identifying and choosing objects
  • writing letters

If your student is more advanced, hand them a few magazines, some scissors, and let them find objects that begin with certain letters to glue on corresponding letters in a notebook. For my group, I went ahead and cut out a few objects that started with a, b, and c for Day 1, and let them choose which “a” object they wanted to glue, etc etc. (Lots of cutting…don’t you love projects that work on your fine motor skills too? 🙂 ). I also went ahead and wrote the letters on each page. They really enjoyed saying b-b-BLUEBERRIES, b-b-BIRDS! for each object which reiterates learning letter sounds. And glue sticks are always a hit! I let them use their scissors on some scrap magazines at the end because they are so excited about their scissors. These are my favorite first scissors.