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thoughts after playing tennis with a three-year-old

  1. Is it possible I got a workout?!? {I definitely got a workout.}
  2. Is it possible Sam was hitting the ball with backspin?!?? {He was definitely hitting the ball with backspin.}
  3. Good thing I don’t want to make a good impression on my new cool neighbors that I’m trying desperately to be friends with, because I most definitely whiffed the ball, hit it over the fence, and launched it high above my three-year-old’s head numerous times.
  4. Good thing I don’t want aforementioned neighbors to think that even if I’m horrible at tennis, I’m a superstar mom, because Ty definitely spilled his water all of his pants on the way there, and thus was parading around the court in all of his with thunder-thighs, Huggies, and crocks glory while rattling the gate, eating leaves, and licking the bench.
  5. Yet I did receive the following inspirational comments during the match to revive my spirit:

– “Mom, you are hitting the ball in bad, bad ways. But I put it back every time!” (True.)

– me: “Sorry, Sam…bad shot.” Sam: “That’s okay Mom! That’s why I’m teaching you! So you can win the game!”

– Sam: “Mom, you are bad at tennis.” Okay, that’s enough. Here is where I drew the line. We had a discussion at this point about edifying our playing partners, and how they will not want to play with us if we hurt their feelings. I should know.

Also at this point, I had a blister. And I was sweating. And Ty was standing up in the stroller, shaking it back and forth. So we went home.

All in all, it was a wonderful, entertaining, and enjoyable experience that I look forward to replicating. Honest. 🙂