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Sam on heaven

It’s hard for me to think about this conversation without getting emotional. Truly, it’s kind of comical, but also on the wrong week of the month, gets the tear ducts moving if you feel me. I tried really hard to remember how it went and even took some notes during…which was a little tricky, as I was driving. Here is the gyst.

Sam: Mom, this is song is Jesus a sigh-a.”
me: Yeah, it says Jesus is the Messiah.”
Sam: Mom what’s sigh-a?
me: Well, it means that Jesus loves us very much and he’s going to take us to heaven one day. (Yes, I know I oversimplified. Give me a break, people. Had to take some theological liberties here; he’s two.)
Sam: Where’s heaven, Mom?
me: Um, it’s…very far away. It’s a really fun place where we will be with Jesus forever, a really long time.
Sam: And God too?
me: Yes, God too.
Sam: Mom, drive there.
me: Well…you can’t drive there. God will take us there when he wants to.
Sam: Is heaven that building, mom?
me: No. It’s really far away.
Sam: Will we take the sidewalk?
me: Not really the sidewalk. We’ll go with God. It’s a great place. We won’t get sick, or be scared, or get boo-boos or anything. And it won’t rain. (It was raining. Sam and I hate the rain. If you want rain in your heaven, then omit this part.)
Sam: Is heaven over there?
me: No, it’s, um, heaven isn’t really near here.

long pause. Brief conversation about why Sam’s shoes are wet on the bottom, and how Ty ate a leaf recently.

Sam: Mom will there be shoes in heaven?
me: (pause.) Do you want to wear shoes? (No.) Then, no. No shoes.
Sam: Is there goin be toys?
me: Yes, lots and lots of toys.
Sam: And me and Jesus will play with toys!

About at this point we were home. I debated prolonging the trip to see if he’d ask any more questions. But I think the moment was over. what a hoot! 🙂