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Raising Boys :)

It’s different than I thought.

I’m a caddie, a quarterback, a lineman, and a pitcher.

I’m the stalker of the garbage man, the fan of the mailman, and the watcher for afternoon school buses. I’m the passionate admirer of big sticks, awesome pine cones, really big rocks, and decrusted worms.

I’m the maker of tall towers, the digger of big holes, the smasher of crunchy leaves. I’m the praiser of big poopies and pee-pee that aims for (and hits) the toilet paper.

I’m the spotter of jet planes, the lover of bulldozers, and the imitator of trains, cows, and fire engines. I love tractors, graders, skidsteers, and gas stations. I’m the referee for living room wrestling, the racer of shopping carts, and the cheerleader for good chips, putts, and drives. I daydream about NASCAR races, create sports equipment out of playdough, and daily describe the mechanisms of cranes.

I’m the kisser of boo-boos, scrapes and bruises, the fixer of broken golf clubs, and the retriever of wandering golf balls.

I’m an explorer, a tennis ball machine, an animal expert, and a train constructor.

I’m a mommy of a boy, and I love it.