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Bye Bye Milk

Poor little Ty. Not even out of the womb and his chances of enjoying a bite of an ice cream cone before kindergarten are bad to very bad, as two out of three of his closest relatives had/have severe milk allergies. (Allergies are highly genetic.) In preparation for his arrival I’m beginning to cut milk and eggs from my diet so if the allergies are there, the first few months are a little less, um, awful for everyone involved.
Thought I’d share these “recipes” I’ve utilized, not because I think there is more than .001% of the population who is also on such a weird annoying diet (although I know there are some of you out there!) but because I was surprised to find these little meals are actually GENUINELY good. I would choose to eat them even if I didn’t have to. Who couldn’t use a new meal idea or two? Just a heads up though…I’m bad at measuring when I don’t follow a recipe. So forgive me for the “smidge of that” and “glob of this” types of commands. We’re not talking souffle and prime rib here so you should be okay.
– REALLY GOOD PANCAKES. Okay. So I like pancakes on sunday morning. And I like them with Bisquick. Sue me. Ingredients: Bisquick, club soda, pinch of vanilla, pinch of sugar, splash of orange juice, and a dump of quick cooking oats. On top: blueberries and bananas. Note about the club soda, or seltzer water or whatever you call it. Club soda is like a push-up bra for pancakes. Your pancakes are lighter, more attractive, and with a pleasant little lift. Plus it keeps forever in your fridge, opened. Basically for this recipe you follow the general guidelines for pancakes on the box, adding no egg, and adding the extra things I mentioned. I use less Bisquick and some oats because oats are good for you and bisquick is not. They are really undetectable, and these pancakes are AWESOME!!
– Tuna salad. Mayonnaise was a casualty of the new diet. One of the most devastating, if I’m honest. But here’s a tuna salad that’s good and good for you: canned tuna, a few glugs of olive oil, dijon mustard, cut up grapes, and salt and pepper. Seriously. Yummy~
– Chicken salad. Same sort of thing – grilled chicken breast, olive oil, dijon, and here I like cut up apples with salt and pepper. You don’t even miss the mayo!
– Smoothie made with coconut milk. Coconut milk is so yummy! Thanks mom for this idea.
– Avocado mayonnaise – Smooshing up avocado with olive oil, salt and pepper is a VERY desirable substitute for mayo on a sandwich.
This recipe for homemade meatballs. I will never use another even if I can add egg or milk. So easy and so yummy!
So that’s all my tips for now. All of these I highly recommend, whatever diet you are or aren’t on!