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To Brad, and the rest of you

I think the world of Brad Paisley, and he will never know. He will never know how I respect that he plays guitar, piano, writes all his own songs, and draws. He will never know that I think his lyrics are GREAT examples of concrete language. He will never know that I “get” his witty jokes and think he’s so creative.
This sad thought hit me during a windows-down drive the other day. Then I started thinking, for some reason, of all the other people I respect, famous and not famous, who don’t know that little (or big) aspect of their personality that connects with me…The things that I love, am amused by, envy, or praise God for – they will never know. I thought of the way my dad makes me so proud when he talks because it’s so captivating, even if he’s describing the new car wash. I thought about how my cousin Rebecca amuses me every day with her comical facebook updates, and how sister-in-law Julie asks the best questions, and really listens to the answers… as I thought, the people and traits became more and more random.
Two convictions developed out of this…One, realize it’s possible there are people out there who appreciate more in me than I know of. Keep on keeping on, because you just never know. Two, start telling people the random, the meaningful, and everything in between. Heck, if I ever meet him, I might even start with Brad, too. 🙂