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8 Ways to Update Your Fall Mom Wardrobe

This post is “the blind leading the blind.”  As I tell my uber-stylish sister-in-law Morgan, “I used to be in style. I really did.” (I’m not sure she completely believes me.)

Morgan and me. Even her dog is stylish. Just don’t mind our pasty white faces or the decrepit forest behind us.

Honest to goodness, I really don’t mind being off the style treadmill. It’s ridiculous how much money (not to mention time) you have to spend to keep being in style. It’s a relief that I do nothing, and Sam still complements me highly on my beautiful jeans (aka the ones I wear everyday), and “that nice stuff on your lips” (Burt’s Bee’s gloss.) Honestly, I’m surprisingly content without shopping.

But about once a year (usually in the fall when my tan starts leaving), it starts to really bother me that I have no clue what is in style. And then I do what I always do when I’m frustrated. I research.

I asked around, and went on my go-to fashion website (great ideas, lovely sense of humor, HORRIBLY expensive taste) and came up with this list of items to upgrade my fashion into 2012. Just in time for 2013. Anyways, keep in mind that these pictures and ideas can be done very inexpensively. Think Target, clothing swaps, and J.C. Penney (which is my new favorite store. Don’t tell Morgan.)

Now look. If you are a mom and still stylish, I hate you. don’t just read this to make fun of me. This is not intended for your amusement. This is for the rest of us who genuinely want to know what the cool kids are wearing, because, as is painfully obvious, we are not cool (anymore?), nor are we not kids (anymore).

Here are a few things you could add to your Christmas list to easily look like you know what is in style.

  1. cute sweatshirt. Key word here is “cute.” If you wore it in college, it doesn’t count. Here is one suggestion:

    image from gap.com

    Ideally, it would have full-length sleeves. I found one that’s a really cute pink color. Stylish, yet I could wear it outside in the garage to find a wrench. Not that I go outside to get wrenches, but the point is, I could.

  2. cute sneakers

This is not to be underestimated. Last year, heeding the advice from the aforementioned fashion site, Ain’t No Mom Jeans, I found some Sketchers that were along these lines. Cute sneakers dress up anything. Instantly, yoga pants, workout shorts, even jeans go up a few notches.

3. striped long sleeved ts – Good news here is, any store you go in, you will find 827 striped shirts. Who knew? Here is an example, in case you missed kindergarten and forgot what stripes looked like. Don’t feel obligated to buy this $350 from J. Crew. It’s inconceivable to me that I would spend a year of HOA payments on a t-shirt.

4. flannel shirt. I always think of my Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Tommy when I wear flannel shirts. They wear REAL flannel shirts. Like while they brush horses’ teeth, and move chicken coops, and build real fires outside. I have one, and I wore it to make rice crispie treats.

photo from jcrew.com

5. shoes this style:

photo from jcrew.com

I’m still not exactly sure what one would call these shoes. Ship shoes? Boat shoes? Something like that. You can find them at Target and they look a heck of a lot like these from J. Crew. But what do I know.
6. cowboy boots. I think everyone knows what they look like. In the winter, you can wear them with jeans, or leggings and a dress. As those girls mentioned on Ain’t No Mom Jeans, please don’t do that thing where you wear leggings and a shirt, and it looks like you forgot your pants.

7. colored skinnies

photo from jcrew.com

Now, look. You wish skinny jeans would go out of style forever. I’m with you. But we’ve just got to ride this horse while it’s in town. I have had the best luck with Gap. Disclaimer – my husband does not like skinny jeans. I just wear them to impress my girl friends. So there you have it.

8. trendy nail polish

This color is very similar to the one Morgan and John gave me for my birthday. Also, I asked the cute teenage girl at my church, and she said that gray tones are in style. This is a really easy $2.99 way to pump up your style.

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed my tips to de-momify your wardrobe this fall. Any other suggestions?