Meet Mrs. Smartt


Hi! I’m Jessica! Thanks for stopping by Smartter Each Day!

I’ve always loved to write. Writing is my thing. I’m not sporty. I’ve never been artsy… so when my seventh grade teacher praised my book report, it was finally my moment in the spotlight. Later I realized writing was good for something else…In college I loved playing “editor” for poor, helpless boys with papers due next day. And hey, my skills must have been somewhat charming; I married one of them. 🙂

Once I had kids, writing wasn’t for fun or pride… it was necessity.

It sounds silly, but from that first night when I crashed in the hospital bathroom, worried and sleep-deprived, my day-old son swaddled in a crib next door – from that moment, the words starting coming. It was my therapy, and my purpose.

God spoke to me as I spoke to Him.

For the past four years, I’ve chronicled my journey of becoming a “smartter” mom, wife, and homemaker. (ps. Here is a post about my *misspelled* blog name.) Before being a mom, I was a middle school English teacher. Now, I love staying home with my two boys. Here’s the whole fam:


Here are a few of my favorite posts over the years:

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at smartteachday (at)!



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One thought on “Meet Mrs. Smartt

  1. Hi I’m so glad you posted on Christian Mommy Blogger. I loved your Real Christmas post and looking over your blog a bit, it seems like we have quite a bit in common. Definitely following!

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