A blog I saw recently had a “overhead in my house” post. I thought that was clever, and decided to copy it after a conversation last night. I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve kind of become a hypochondriac. Todd is my default “doctor” to help me determine the best course of action for my condition(s). Here is a transcript from the other night.

me: “My ear is doing this weird ringing thing. Like I’m on a plane everytime I talk.”
Todd: (not looking up from computer.) “Did you swim today? You probably have water in your ear.”
me: “No, I didn’t. That’s not it.”
Todd: “I guarantee you’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be gone.”
long pause.
me: “I’m afraid it’s a tumor in my head.”
Todd: (finally looks up from computer. smiling. sort of.) “Everyday there’s something different wrong with you. Tomorrow it will be something else. Relax.”
me: Also, my toe is numb. Do you think they are related?
Todd: (gets up. long look. starts to go to the kitchen.)
me: Is that a no?
Poor guy.
ps. my ear is STILL ringing. weird!


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