Kids’ Bedroom Chore Chart: The Answer to ALL Your Problems

iphone 2.11.13 049

Don’t you just love when you think of a solution for a bunch of problems at once?!? It’s only happened to me about twice in my life, but, man, it’s the best.

I know you’re finding it difficult to see how that ghetto-looking piece of middle school artwork, affixed to the wall with masking tape, could be such a problem solver.

Oh, but it is!

Here’s how. This poster, which (shocker) I made, is taped to the inside of Sam’s bedroom door. Anytime he wants to come out, either at morning, or after his “nap” (quotation marks essential), he must do all of these items first.

In case my snazzy drawings aren’t clear, the “to-do” list includes: make bed, put CDs in dresser (the CDS are the things that kind of look like breasts), put the balls in the basket, take extra toys to the “man cave” (our word for playroom), take your drink downstairs, etc. etc.

Here’s the best thing. Miracle of miracles, somehow, a chore spoken is horrible/awful/ignored, but a chore drawn, with markers, is FUN! Sam literally made me mess up the room twice during the day so he could do all the chores. It was awesome.

Here’s his room, all cleaned up. And Ty, wondering where all the fun mess went.

iphone 2.11.13 046

Yes, it’s not decorated. Stop judging me.

See, as an added bonus for reading this already-informative blog, you get to feel super, super good about yourselves and all your perfectly decorated, awesomely painted, wooden-initial-adorned children’s rooms.

Because, yes, we have lived in this house a year and my children’s rooms are neither painted nor decorated. It’s a sin, really. Someone should just call child protective services. I’m not sure how you can raise a well-adjusted child in such bleakness but I’m going to try to defy the odds. My excuse is that I don’t want Sam inhaling all those paint fumes and triggering his asthma. And of course, you can’t put up pictures or shelving until you paint. So here we are. Barren.

I think I’ve gotten off topic. Back to the bedroom chore chart. Here are all the amazing things it accomplishes, all at one:

  • Sam hones his work ethic, which, despite all of his time spent in his “work shop,” is a vastly under-developed trait, I’m afraid.
  • His room gets clean. Which makes me feel less bad about the decorating issue.
  • Sam stays in his room longer during “nap” time doing something productive.
  • Sam learns a few sight words.

Viola! Brilliant, right?!

I encourage you to try a little chore chart at home. We’ve also done morning chore charts and evening chore charts. The drawings are essential. And I don’t think I have to tell you to not let your lack of artistic talent stop you. Obviously it didn’t stop me!

Have you ever used a chore chart for your toddler? How did it work?


9 thoughts on “Kids’ Bedroom Chore Chart: The Answer to ALL Your Problems

  1. Hey Jess – that’s a really good idea! I have tried a responsibility chart with my oldest but haven’t been consistent enough about using it, and it’s used in a slightly different way. It’s hung up in her room and I pick 5 chores or responsibilities each week and can rotate them out. Then each day she can earn a star for each of the ones she does. We set a star goal at the beginning of each week – say 20 – and if she gets at least that many then she earns something. The earned item is something I post at the beginning of the week so she knows what it will be. Most of the time I do books because I have a ton on hand that I keep for this reason or other special reasons. But – my biggest challenge is consistency especially with work/school taking up most of the weekdays. And it has not solved the playroom disaster issue. Any tips?! We keep toys out of the bedrooms for the most part so its our playroom that gets destroyed in seconds and is a constant battle to get cleaned!

    • Hey Melissa! I love the prize idea 🙂 As far as the playroom, the only suggestion I have is to go through and box up (temporarily) about half the stuff. Then it’s a more reasonable amount to clean, for you and them! 😉 The added bonus is that when you switch out the toys, it’s like christmas!

  2. How old, exactly, is Ty? My 19-month-old isn’t quite there yet, but I am sure loving this idea and would like to start it as soon as he’s ready!!

    • I should have clarified that! This chart is actually for my oldest, Sam, who is almost four. He has been ready for this for a while! Ty is 23 months. But I did do a morning to-do chart with Sam when he was two. It was shorter and very basic, but he was able to do it. My mom always says they’re ready for more than you think! Good luck! 🙂

      • well its good that you gave him a easy job and not a hard one like other moms does i am only 14 right now and i do the dishes and everything else but my little cousin follows me where ever i go and watches whatever i do to i guess learn what i do.

  3. You had already won me over with the first few blogs that I had read, but now I am sure that I am in love! This post cracked me up and made my night. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! Oh, and your beautiful artwork as well 😉

    • well, thank YOU for your kind words! I debated also including a really rough picture of myself from a few mornings ago, to really put it ALL out there, but decided that was too far 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Found your blog over at Christian Mommy Blogger. I think this is a great idea! I have a 3 and a 4 year old, and I think I might try this. I’m not an overly crafty person, but I try from time to time 🙂 Thank you for the idea!

  5. I’ve thought of doing something like this for “morning time” and “bed time” routines – I’m glad to hear that it does help! (And my girls’ room is unpainted and undecorated too… so I just thought your son’s room looked very clean and uncluttered! We rent a small townhouse and both my girls share a room, so they have so much furniture you can barely see the walls!) 🙂

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