what I’ve been up to {& weekend reading}

(sigh). That’s me over here, wishing I was Stephanie at the Keeper of the Home. Do you notice I’m copying her “weekend links” feature? Here’s another thing I wish I could copy (besides the smashing, awesome blog!): she is taking her entire family on a year-long trip around the world! This includes four children six and younger. Isn’t that amazing/brave? Here is where she lists her reasons for this crazy excursion. Such a cool idea!

While Stephanie and her family travel the world, we’ve been tramping through a solid case of the “January Blahs” here in Smartter Each Day. That’s along the same lines, right? Cruising the world = domestic January blahs?? Same thing.

Browsing through the past posts over the month, see if you notice a theme:

Kind of funny, isn’t it?

January hasn’t been all bad, though. Here are a few highlights:

  • Sam “read” his first word! (He will be four in May.) We’ve spent a lot of time learning which letters make which sound, using plastic letters like these, and this song. Then I put the letters in order on the floor, and he makes the sound of each one, and says them over and over faster and faster. It reminds me immensely of the game “Mad Gab,” in that you’re hearing someone say something but not recognize what it is 🙂

Honest to goodness, my biggest fear about homeschool is teaching reading. It’s an incredible relief that at least once, Sam has sounded out the word “cat.” That means something, right?? It’s all downhill from here? Good, that’s what I thought.

      • My friend Lauren and I hosted our second-annual “Style Swap.” This was a huge success. Over twenty people came and brought their snazzy style leftovers (or not-so-snazzy. but mostly snazzy). I made a rockin Mexican dip. And, I came home with a cute little number to wear over leggings. Long enough so that it doesn’t look like I forgot my pants, though. This is important.
      • I hosted a Pampered Chef party. The highlights of that were tasting these ridiculous “garlic knots” (not on any sort of diet that I’d recommend) AND something called “chicken parmigian soup.” That’s sort of like “Cheeseburger Pizza.” Not too many ways to go wrong there. Fun party! (Thanks, Whitney!)
      • It sleeted. This is big news, guys; it’s North Carolina. I went to the grocery store for (coconut) milk and bread, and there were packs of kids standing outside with their sleds. Not sure how that ended up working out for them.
      • It rained for like 10 days straight and we were stranded in the house. Good times.
      • After a long discussion concerning which show to watch via Netflix, Todd and I settled on Alias. We’ve been very pleased!
      • In blog news, coming February the blog will get a makeover! Laura Jane Designs will be doing the facelift. I’ll also be switching to the address smarttereachday.com, so there may be a few glitches as I do that, and as the new design is tweaked. I’m so pumped to get a new look!

Here’s some links worth checking out:

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!


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