5 good things about days when you feel like a useless blob

Well, I guess I’m not totally a useless blob, since I bet there are no other works of literature with that creative title. So ten points for originality.

Do you ever have unproductive days? Do you ever have days where your brain feels like mush, your tummy feels like mush, all the food you make looks like mush? Just a useless, useless blob of female. (I think I’ve officially turned my husband off as he’s reading this.)

But for real.I think it’s January. Have I mentioned that I hate January? The only thing worse than January is muddy, rainy, specifically NOT SNOWING wetness in January.


I am just so blah in January.

And this un-productivity is especially troublesome for us Germans. Here are a few random things about Germans.

  • We LOOOOOVE casseroles.
  • We hate crying in front of people.
  • And, we love hard work ethic and productivity. This was instilled in me way back in the day, and has stuck with me ever since. Therefore, I hate naps. Therefore, just today when I was folding the laundry, the haunting scolding of my mother, “Don’t sit down and fold the laundry! Stand up!” came back to me, and so (a grown adult in the privacy of my own kitchen) I stood up to fold the towels. Are you happy, Mom?

Even though it can be cold, this German temperament does have its perks. For just one example: if you combine #1 and #3 above (hard work and casseroles), you get one HECK of a thanksgiving meal. Mashed potato stuffing?? Eight pounds of macaroni and cheese?? Need I say more??

Anyway. The downside to it, though, is that on the bad days, you feel an extra layer of patheticness. You’re mushy, you’ve made no casseroles, scrubbed no floors and have nothing to show for the day, AND to top it off, you’re a failure to your ancestors. or something along those lines.

But I was thinking today. I’m on this new kick: I think positively. At least once a day, I have a positive thought. It has revolutionized our household.

So my positive thought for today was, I wonder what I’m accomplishing when I’m accomplishing nothing? And you know what? I actually came up with some answers! Curious? Here they are:

  • On days when you’re not superwoman, you realize how annoying superwoman is. (and resolve to be at least a silent superwoman next time, bragging only to your husband, subtly, with hints.)
  • On unproductive days, you can spend more time with your kids (or people you like in general) and not feel guilty. No use tackling the world with a mushy brain. Just play Go Fish. You know?
  • You can vacuum. Hear me out here. Vacuuming is actually the perfect stay-at-home-mom activity. Kids being loud? Vacuum! Need a workout? Vacuum? Feeling chilly? Vacuum? Baby crying? Vacuum! AND, feel like you’ve done nothing all day? Vacuum! Takes no brain power at all, and always needs to be done! Viola! You’ve been productive!
  • You need God. When I am weak, then I am strong. This is the official verse of motherhood, did you know that?
  • You have something to look forward to. His mercies are new every morning, and (like my husband always reminds me, knowing my seasonal affective disorder tendencies) the sun will come out tomorrow. If you just think I’m being cliche, think about this: which is more fun, Christmas Eve or Jan. 2? Hello? Christmas Eve, with all the good stuff coming, is awesome, January second 2 is horrible!!! (With my apologies to anyone with that birthday.)

Point being, there are good days ahead. There are half marathons yet to be run. There are scrapbooks yet to be glittered and glued (not by me, but in general). There are closets that will be real-simple-quality organized. Supermom is just … well, probably, a few months away. But she lives! She will come back! So for now, enjoy the blah! It’s okay to be a useless blob every once in a while! (Right? Anyone?) 🙂


10 thoughts on “5 good things about days when you feel like a useless blob

  1. I loved this post. Our family has been sick for almost 2 weeks now and my husband just came down with it yesterday so it looks like our quarantine is going to extend even longer. UGH. I have been totally useless on more days than one. I love the vacuuming one…I haven’t even done that much…I think I’ll try it today to cover my husband’s moaning and groaning! lol

    • Thanks Aprille! I just read your post about all the sickness. Ugh! That can be very tough! Hope you are all on the mend soon!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog…thank you!!! You made me smile and laugh. January is blah and I have felt quite a bit like an unproductive blob lately. There is so much to be thankful for (including 3 wonderful, wild kids 4yrs & under) and the Lord is good!! I’m gonna go vacuum 😉

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