Giveaway for Locals: Grass-fed Meat and Organic Produce, Delivered!

Hey local readers! It’s somebody’s lucky day! I have two awesome prizes to give away.

  • A pound of t-bone steaks, a roast, and pound of hamburger from local, grass-fed cows, courtesy of Grass Fed Moo
  • One week of organic produce delivered to your doorstep, courtesy of Absolute Organics

We’ve been eating Grass Fed Moo and Absolute Organics around here for a while, and we love them!

Grass Fed Moo

I discovered Grass Fed Moo through my local Mommies Network. The local moms raved about this delicious, grass fed meat. The cows are given no steroids, eat grass without pesticides, and are given no hormones or antibiotics. I had known that conventional meat can be dangerous for our family, and this gave me a wonderful, reasonably-priced alternative. You can order a 1/32 of a cow, up to a whole cow, with obviously a variety of cuts. Here are the things I love:

  • Reasonably priced – it costs about $5 per “meal.” I feel like this is pretty reasonable, considering it is such high quality, and some of these meals are several steaks or a large roast.
  • You get to try a variety of cuts. I’ve wowed guests with the short ribs, my husband LOVES his steak (go figure), and I love making homemade beef broth from the bones. (Really. It’s delicious!)
  • I’m supporting a local farm with good farming practices.

I’m excited to share this absolutely delicious meat with a reader!

Absolute Organics Delivered Produce

I was never a crazy-organic fan before having kids. But once I had little babies – and I’m sure many a parent identifies – the idea of feeding that precious untainted little bundle a serving-full of pesticides and dangerous chemicals…well, it all become more relevant.

Organic produce was often out of my budget and hard to find, until I began using Absolute Organics. Here’s a sample basket I got recently. (This is the $30 basket.)


If I had bought the above this week at Harris Teeter, it would have cost $27.12, AND it wouldn’t have been delivered, AND, that’s not even for organic. Organic, it would have been much, much more expensive.

I love the idea that I’m feeding my family healthier produce, and it might just be my imagination, but it seems to taste better?!?!

Here is how Absolute Organics works. You order online (please mention my name if you place an order!), selecting the fruits/vegetables that you do and do not like. You can choose from three different sized baskets and weekly or bi-weekly delivery, to your home. (You can cancel at any time.) You leave out a cooler and get your produce! I’ve been really pleased with the owner, Vonda, on her level of communication and service. And also the quality of produce. It’s always been extremely fresh.)

The winner of this giveaway gets, in addition to the steaks, a $30 basket of your selected produce, delivered to your door. (They deliver to Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, and Gastonia and also to the Hickory, NC area including Conover, Newton, Lincolnton, and Denver.)

To enter to win the steak and produce, all you have to do is:

  1. “Like” Smartter Each Day on facebook, or follow blog via email if you haven’t.
  2. Comment below with your favorite vegetable. I’ll even be liberal with the term “vegetable.” Like when my sister’s high school boyfriend said, “macaroni and cheese” because it was on the Cracker Barrel “vegetable” list. You can even answer macaroni and cheese if you want, and no judging here! 🙂

I’ll announce the winner here Monday, at 8pm and the winner has 24 hours to claim her/her prize. Good luck!

** Special thanks to Eileen from Grass Fed Moo, and Vonda from Absolute Organics for helping me host this giveaway!


23 thoughts on “Giveaway for Locals: Grass-fed Meat and Organic Produce, Delivered!

  1. I’m sure it’s actually a fruit but you said you were being liberal with it… My favorite is avocado! Love it in salad, tortilla soup, guacamole, or just with garlic salt and lime! YUM!

  2. Corn is my favorite vegetable. Fresh, sweet, summer corn. And it’s not too vegetable-y. Thanks for the recommendations on these local vendors!

  3. Well, this is really boring…but I like celery. I really do. It’s crunchy and it’s high fiber and it makes me feel quite virtuous when I eat it.

  4. I like way too many vegetables, but today I’ll pick collards. I grew a few in my yard this fall, and now I am out of them. I just drove back through Asheville, stopped in a restaurant there and ordered collards. The flavor of greens always makes me feel I am putting something healthy in my body, and on top of that they taste good, too.

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