Is there an “app” for that? Contest

Anyone else remember when (gasp) there were no cell phones? What in the world did we do? I remember when I got my first cell phone.

I was (brace yourself, teeny-boppers) IN COLLEGE. Somehow I survived 20 years of my life without a cell phone. I guess that explains my inner nerd. That must be what happened.

Anyways, I have actually joined the realms of the techno-trendy (until they see me start pecking like a grandma on those blasted eensy, weensy letters, that is), because my wonderful and generous parents gifted me with an iphone for Christmas! I had fun asking, “Is there an app for that?” for at least 25 minutes.

But seriously, guys, is there an app for that? 🙂

What are “apps”? What are the best ones? Do they actually make my life better? )I mean, I’m pretty sure they will.) I just like saying “app.” App. App. App.

So here’s my contest. With a prize! Comment below with your favorite app that is relevant for moms. It can be free or not. Please explain what it does and why it might be helpful for moms.


5 thoughts on “Is there an “app” for that? Contest

  1. My favorite google play app (because i don’t do iPhone) is the trip advisor app! You’ll never use it but for all of our travels, it comes in handy! I’ve found some great, random places with it! Another one you might not use is the Disney Parks app. Gives wait times for rides in the map!

  2. I like The Vault. It’s an app that gives you a secure place to store passwords, codes, ID numbers, etc. You can have lots of useful confidential information available……as long as you remember the password to your vault.

  3. I have 3 recommendations helpful for moms, and especially moms like us who obsess over lists. And I only use the free versions.
    1) BabyNursing – this app is awesome and I still use it even though we’re past those first weeks of counting wet vs. soiled diapers. Anyhow, it tracks when you breastfeed (and what side you start on), when you pump (and how many ounces for each side), when you feed a bottle (and how many ounces were consumed), diapers (when, and what type – wet, bm, both, and also a place for notes which is really helpful for diagnosing allergens!), and a place to track solids (what foods introduced when). It’s so easy and uses start/stop timers or you can manually insert, and calculates totals and averages for each day and month. I’ve referenced this at the dr’s office many times!
    2) uPackingList – I don’t use this too often because we don’t travel with 3 much, but when we do even for a weekend this thing is great. It’s a packing checklist. You can set up as many lists as you want and put items in categories. Once set up, you can just choose to “pack” and it’ll track as you check off an item and keep reducing the list and giving percentage complete until you’re done. Then just reset and pack again! Also helpful to refer to before returning home to make sure you take everything back!
    3) Contraction Timer Lite – for those mommies to be when you feel or think you feel the start of labor. Start and stop timer buttons. This was great.

    And this is one already on your iPhone but I obsessively use the Notes app. I just label it and list away. Groceries to not forget, birthday list ideas, medicine dosages for each kid, you name it! It also synchs with your gmail account if you have one.

  4. Hard to pick just one but I like Cozi to manage our family schedule. It allows you to share a schedule with your family and different family members have a different color. If my husband double books something I just say well, did you check Cozi because it’s on there 🙂 I also use a lot of shopping/mobile coupon apps to save money/accrue rewards like Harris Teeter, Shopkick, SavingsStar, Target, and Ibotta.

  5. My toddler loves Flash English and ABC Train Free. I’m heavy into documenting everything so I love the photo app and Instagram.

    For my sanity as a mom I like Relax, Stress Free, and Deep Sleep by Andrew Johnson (guided imagery apps), Kindle for easy reading, Netflix (we both use it), Pandora, WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

    And Fertility Friend which I use to track my cycle. It’s great for NFP/FAM or TTC, depending on your situation.

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