Why Quiet Times are Difficult…Contest Winners!

First, a little story. Tonight, I made a hearty pot of local kale and white bean soup for dinner. About an hour later, I was starting to get grumpy because my stomach was growling. As if on cue, Todd turned to me mid-football commercial and said (with all the passion and sincerity he is capable of), “Honey, I’m hungry.” He was looking at me with the most pitiful eyes.

So what could I do?

He is at Burger King getting us whoppers. (Don’t worry! We had a coupon. buy one, get one.)

Because, sometimes you have kale soup, and sometimes, you have kale soup and then a whopper. That is just life, folks.


Speaking of lack of discipline, I lamented recently that I was struggling to have productive quiet times. Although I very specifically requested no mercy, Grace shines on the Mother With Sporadic Quiet Times, as it turns out.

I got lots of grace.

Lots of you understanding, agreeing, suggesting. A few people reminding that sleep is gift. (Bless you.) The biggest practical application I made was to immediately purchase a copy of Jesus Calling. Where have I been that I haven’t had of this wonderful book?

My kind Aunt Sharon even offered to buy me one herself (as well as the other girls in my family). She is too sweet.

I found it interesting that all of the older (ahem…wiser? more seasoned?) adults must have convened across various states and time zones, because if I were a teacher and their answers were tests, I’d have said they had cheated.

Oddly, these wise and godly adults understood the struggle. Bless you all for responding.

I’d like to copy below a few words from my Aunt Jamee:

You are hungering for more spiritual discipline as a busy mom… but being an at-home mom of small children is a spiritual discipline… So I would suggest that a woman whose day is filled with hard, time consuming work should practice the discipline of looking for, and becoming aware of, God’s presence.  How does that happen?  First ask God to help you be attentive to him in the midst of the mundane and distracting.  When the warm sunlight hits your arm be aware of the warmth of his love.  When the clean clothes come out of the washer be aware of his cleansing forgiveness.  When you place food on the table be aware of his provision.  Do you see how it works?  You discipline yourself to be aware of his presence at all times… What really impacts my life is the spiritual discipline of attentiveness to God’s presence.  Its even harder than finding time for “quiet time.”

Even harder than finding quiet time.

Yes. If carving out thirty minutes for exegesis seems difficult, then inviting him into every moment is near impossible.

That said, here are my resolutions from here forward.

  • Get my hands on that Jesus Calling book.
  • Find a verse to meditate on every week. If all I get is one verse, eat it, mull over it, devour it as life-giving food. If I get to hear a snippet of a sermon on Sunday, focus, and close my eyes, and hear every single word of the truth.
  • Worship with my children. Sing songs with them. Pray out loud in front of them. Listen to their little Jesus CDs and praise the Lord that He’s got the whole world in his hands.
  • When I sleep, thank the Lord that I can, and tell him I trust Him.




3 thoughts on “Why Quiet Times are Difficult…Contest Winners!

  1. Jim – Ha! It was deep! It was so close! Honestly – it was very helpful. Would you take a second place prize??? 🙂 It might be some firewood!

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