The Night Shift: How Parenting Never Stops

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my extra hour this year. One thing I do know, I probably will not be sleeping during that hour.

Recently Sam has become quite active during naptimes. Once in a while, the fun spreads into the middle of the night, too. He likes to use his imagination during “nap” times, which I am 100% in favor of. In theory. In reality, it makes for a rather unrestful “nap” time for the both of us.

Because instead of my resting, doing a few choice jobs around the house uninterrupted by questions, “help,” or someone riding on the back of the vacuum, instead of browsing on the internet, and eating a nice peaceful snack, I spend at least half of “nap”time procuring various objects to be used for creative purposes, responding with enthusiasm to various ” cool moves,” and answering questions on a large variety of issues.


What, Sam?

Mommy, I need a bag. For all my football stuff.  Mommy? Where is my purple phone? The one that looks like a calculator? That I use in my workshop? Hey, Mom. Can you help me find a good helmet, to play football with the guys? Hey Mom! Guess what? I just did a big jump off the bed and pretended I was a tall soldier! Mom, can I go find the blue rhinoceros? Cause I want him in my bed. Mom, can I flush the toilet now? Hey, Mom, Samule just told me he was a big guy. Do you think he can play football, Mommy? Mommy, is that Daddy? Is that the garbage man? I just saw a bird! Outside my window! He was pecking! Mom, is my nap over, Mommy? Cause I want it to be over. What? Five long minutes or five short minutes?

Usually, I am generally more amused than annoyed.

Now, at nighttime, it’s a different story.

In the past few months, I have been roused from my deep and previously-restorative slumber,climbed a flight of stairs, and left the warm comfort of my bed, to attend to the following issues:

  • The CD player keeps playing the same song.
  • I need the real football. Not the orange one, the brown one.
  • The water bottle needs new water. With ice. There’s no ice left.
  • This blanket isn’t comfortable. This one is Ty’s blanket.
  • I can’t find my Samule, (He is right next to you.)
  • The fan is making a weird noise.
  • I need something. (What?) I don’t know, help me find something (?).
  • Can those friends come talk to me? (You mean the company that was here six hours ago, last evening? Cause they’re asleep. In their own beds.)
  • I never had my dessert.
  • Can you put my waterbottle up in my bed? (The one that’s right here, two inches over, on the floor?)
  • I’m sick, can I sleep in your bed? (What hurts?) Something is hurting me all over. (Ahhh, the something-all-over-hurting illness…In that case, yes.)

Again, I feel fortunate that at least at this point, we go back to sleep with a funny story. If I have to leave my electric blanket, at least I’m entertained in the meantime. 🙂


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