31 Things I Know

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I definitely told about 18 people it was my 32nd birthday. Oops.

Aren’t birthdays fun? You feel so darn special, just for being born. This year Sam made it extra nice by telling me for a week that he didn’t want me to have a party, and he wasn’t going to come. Apparently that is a really funny joke in three-year-old-boy world.

I’m pretty sure I am a grownup now. I got a eucalyptus tree for my birthday. Worse, I asked for it. Also, I find myself admiring birds. That’s something grownups do. And my blood pressure rises whenever I have to type on those blasted i-phones and I can’t get my fingers to press the right letter.

And you know me – I’m always getting smartter. Here are 31 things I know now.

  1. The way to tell if my egg and toast are done in the morning is to go and check Ty’s diaper. If breakfast is done, he will have just pooped. I think it will be another decade before I know the taste of hot toast again.
  2. The best cure for anxiety (mine, anyway) is work. I’ve banished many a worry through a newly cleaned closet, a load of bills paid, or a freshly mopped floor.
  3. Don’t try to wake my husband up when he’s asleep on the coach to move him to the bedroom. Unless, that is, I want to elevate my blood pressure, burn 45 calories, and waste 20 minutes.
  4. I have the most generous parents and in-laws. I hope we grow up to be like them.
  5. It’s amazing how happy you can be when you never go out, aren’t in style, and go to bed at 9:15.
  6. Living in the same neighborhood as your sisters is just as wonderful as it sounds.
  7. I am so grateful for So Delicious, Oreos, ketchup, Earth Balance butter, Enjoy Life cookies, Chick-fil-a grilled nuggets and fries, Red Robin, and all the other allergy-friendly things that make Sam feel like a normal kid.
  8. Once you get in the habit of pointing out bulldozers, it is very hard to stop.
  9. Baby talk = so adorable. Three-year-old-pretending-he’s-a-baby = really annoying. How is that??
  10. We go through three bunches of bananas in a week. Is that remarkable to anyone else?
  11. Things you do about 12 times a day with little kids: make your bed, sweep the floor, put on everyone’s shoes, cut up food in small pieces, and yell, “Stop that!” in a very abrupt tone of voice.
  12. I am so grateful for, but do not deserve: my house, boys who are happy to see me, a full night of sleep, fresh fruit and vegetables, America,  teaching preschool.
  13. One of the nicest things you can do for someone is make them dinner.
  14. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable underwear.
  15. Life’s also too short to not stop and go to the bathroom on a car trip.
  16. I don’t give enough to those who are really poor.
  17. It would be incredibly difficult to have a child in the hospital long-term.
  18. God is there in the darkest moments.
  19. God brings you out of the darkest moments.
  20. I know that waking up in the middle of the night to help someone who is crying is a wonderful, enjoyable gift.
  21. Heaven is going to be wonderful. I think what I will most enjoy is knowing I don’t have to fear something bad happening.
  22. Peace of mind is priceless.
  23. I really want a little girl.
  24. My new niece is the cutest thing. Ever.
  25. I really hope I get to home-school.
  26. Work is a gift.
  27. God does speak to us.
  28.  I have the best cousins in the whole world, all of them.
  29. The Pioneer Woman is the funniest person I don’t know.
  30. The best part of teaching preschool is Sam saying everyday that he’s thankful for his “Samule” stuffed animal, my nephew Jack slapping his legs in excitement at our science experiment, and Owen scrunching his eyes to say his prayer at the same time that I’m praying.
  31. Nineteen months old is the cutest age. Ty, please always say, “Do again, Mommy,” when I tickle your toes. Always have chunky feet and always carry your Banjo stuffed doggie and “bay” blankee around everywhere. You are just perfect.



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