Today In Pictures: A House Where Kids Live

I’ve often thought an amusing photo-journalistic series would be: “Life, With Kids, Unedited.” So here’s my first attempt at photo-journalism. Prepare to be amazed. I think they should make it into a coffee table book. It would be a best seller with young mothers.

So here are my pictures from around the house, today, Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Enjoy, and be inspired. Or something.

sweet potatoes in the window sill...fall artwork?

 sweet potatoes on the windowsill.  fall art display?

old vacuum = Ty’s favorite toy = the neighbors are starting to wonder if I vacuum my yard

this is a stuffed poodle in the lid to my Keurig coffee maker. I have no idea.


“drum that we bang on when bears come”

dirty, muddy, outside truck that “accidentally” entered the kitchen. Look closely – you can see the guilt.

confession: I ignored this penguin for 14 straight hours. I think he is still there.

another outside toy, another face of guilt.

this is the living room at 6:53pm.

this is was Todd’s chapstick. Although, I did jam it back in. Don’t tell him.


Living in this mess stresses Sam out, too.

…but a little music makes us all feel better.











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