mineral makeup review!

my mineral makeup samples!

Some weird things have been happening to me recently. One, I can’t stop thinking about houseplants and decorative greenery. Two, every time I try to type on an “iphone” or some sort of new communication contraption, I keep hitting all the letters at once and I can’t figure it out. I think I’m getting old.

Also, I started feeling really grimy putting on my usual lotion and makeup. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve caught a bit of the clean and green bug. (Not too, too much…I still have my microwave. And my Taco Bell, every Sunday.)

But for some reason every morning after showering, it just didn’t feel right to slather on all those dyes and chemicals directly onto my fresh, clean morning skin. I have no idea where this came from finally after 31 years, but here we are.

So I recently discovered that Everyday Minerals foundations received a “low risk” safety rating on the EWG’s Cosmetic Database. Since you can order samples for $.01, I gave it a shot. You are allowed to order up to seven different products to sample. I tried some matte and semi-matte foundations, and their “soft bronzer” as well. I also like that their foundations are reasonably priced. Sometimes you feel like you are consuming gold dust itself for the price of some “natural” products, but not in this case.

As I mentioned in my original post, I did not expect much. First of all, it’s missing all the typical (essential?) dyes, chemicals, parabens and other things that I’m not really sure what category they actually are, besides “things I can’t pronounce.”

And second, it’s a powder. I’m a liquid girl. I’m a “powder can’t possibly cover up everything” girl.


I am HAPPY to report that I was incredibly, wonderfully, surprised!! Five stars!! I remembered another company’s instructions about application for mineral makeup and used that technique. It’s more like painting than a soft brush. You smear a lot of the mineral makeup on the brush and sort of press pretty hard as you do a slow back and forth motion with your brush. In other words, you don’t just lightly dust  on as you would a finishing powder.

That said, after I had taken my time to apply it correctly, it looked terrific!

No, that’s not the before…it was morning, people!

I’m not sure that my camera, and wet hair, and bathrobe, and morning eyes really capture it here. But take my word that the finished product was smooth, covering but not pasty, healthy looking, soft, and pretty. Todd said he liked it as much or better. So score. While I anticipated just using it “around the house,” I take it back. It’s date-night worthy! I do think I would like to test their concealer. As apparently I’m one of 256 women in the whole wide world with both wrinkles and pimples. But whatever.

Also, I was not as much of a fan of their “soft bronzer.” I am a bronzer girl. Like, if I’m stuck on a deserted (yet public?) island, I’m taking my bronzer. So I may continue to use my yucky commercial bronzers. But I look at it like this. If the moisturizer and makeup applied directly on the face are healthy, it’s like adding bacon to a salad. It cancels out, you know?!?
Anyway, if you are interested in a healthier foundation, try it and let me know if you like it too!


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