the hard thing about being a mom

I feel like most people operate with a secret mentality that their job has one thing about it that is just the worst, that no one else endures. And during the day we pacify ourselves with the knowledge that there is no way that anyone on the face of the planet is facing a moment so trying as ours.

We all deal with these frustrations differently. I break down everyday at 6:00pm and have a handful of chocolate chips and learn how to be a better person on pinterest. Then there are people like my husband, who never complains about anything but reserves up all his displeasure  for a biannual three-hour venting session when he’s finally had enough of Mrs. So-and-So who has a perfectly acceptable yard and won’t shut up about how horrible it looks.

So everyone has something.

Today I put my finger on what it is exactly for the stay-at-home mom. I think it’s like being poked with a tiny toothpick in your leg all day long while you pour water back and forth between two pitchers. At the end of the day, you feel like you have worked really hard, and it was difficult, but you have gotten absolutely nothing done. It’s the opposite of what friendships should be; you sow a mile wide and an inch deep. Maybe it’s further down the road when it gets more eventful, like when you sit down on the couch with teenagers and talk about their hopes and dreams. Hmmm. Maybe that’s it.

But for now, when my husband comes home, I always get a little irked when he asks me after a kiss and smile, “So what did you guys do all day?”

What did I do all day? Hmmm. I must have done something. I look like I’ve been through a war zone. What DID I do?  Let’s think. Oh, Ty had a massive blowout. We all had to take baths and poop went all over the rug. So there’s that. What else…? We made a fort with pillows. That took awhile. Oh, I ran the dishwasher! We all got our teeth brushed! And…hey, I knew there was something! I made dinner! Yes! That was the big event!

And by the time I have answered, I am feeling in addition to exhausted and my legs hurting – (side note -why am I always so sore but never look toned like Kelly Ripa???? Mystery!) – anyway, in addition to being tired, I now feel like a completely ridiculous and a pathetic person who is exhausted from doing nothing.

But you know what? I had a thought today. I can tell you when I had this thought. I don’t have thoughts very often. I was picking up individual rice grains off of the floor. Sam was poking me with his fork. Sam was poking Ty with his fork. I was just about to threaten Sam discipline with love for the nineteenth millionth time that he was going to get spanked if he hurt Ty. And  I thought about how it had just been a very long day of lots of little tiny things, over and over. Dishes, over and over. Wiping things off over and over. Praying for wisdom and repenting for anger. Over and over. Then this verse came to mind.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” (Luke 16:10).

I’m not one to tell you God spoke to me and gave me a word of encouragement. But God spoke to me and gave me a word of encouragement today. I think my little nothings are noticed. This is both encouraging and scary. Because to be honest – on top of getting “nothing” done, I lost my temper, and was lazy, and missed opportunities. But also encouraged, because Jesus I bet Jesus had a lot of little jobs to do, too. I bet he did them well. And I bet that meant something. So there is our encouragement! And you can just apply this to whatever that secret annoyance of your job is! (But it isn’t anywhere near as annoying as mine! 😉 )


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