The marriage bed is a sacred place…

Did I get your attention? Don’t worry, this is about the actual bed. And how it’s not sacred anymore, because these are some of the things we have been finding in between the sheets, after retiring to our nightly haven: (are we the only ones?!?)

  • A golf ball. Oh, if I had a dollar for every golf ball in our bed…I would buy a taller bed.
  • A golf club. You would think we’d have noticed it before climbing in. You’d also think my parents would have seen our cat Tiger under the comforter back in the day when we searched all over and thought he had been raptured up early, but they didn’t see him either. Those comforters are sneaky.
  • chocolate chips, especially nice on hot days
  • desitin (real mood killer)
  • BBs for a gun (did I even spell that right?)
  • potato chips (okay, okay that was me)
  • several die-cast cars
  • various species of stuffed animal…which sometimes I just let stay. just the soft ones, you know.
  • banana peel
  • pine needles, blocks, and belt/imaginary pet lizard leash

Oh well. It’s nice to have a good laugh at the end of a long day. Adds an element of the unexpected, you know? 🙂


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