Hi. The last few months have been pretty busy around here! Sam and Ty had birthdays, Cappy and Nanna took us to the “awesome ocean,” we’ve relished a few emergency room visits, I purchased an awesome new bathing suit (online, nonetheless!), we joined a meat co-op, I flew on a plane for the first time post-children for a beautiful wedding in Michigan, we planted a garden (Okay, Todd planted a garden. I actually hate flowers; hate dirt. I know…you thought I was more Pioneer Woman than that. I get that all the time.)

but back to the updates.. we got the stomach flu, the nieghborhood pool opened, I’m getting a niece (!!!), and let’s see…Oh, I’m getting a niece!!!

Well, usually when I’m behind in blogging I just do a nice long welcome-back post to catch up on all the ways I’ve gotten smartter each day in my absence. Believe it or not, in this pause I have actually gotten so smartt that not one update will do. Folks, I have so many stories to impart that I have taken on the endeavor to begin an eight-part series (doesn’t that sound sooo official??? I’m a real blogger! I just said “series”!!!)

You can look for Part I to run shortly. It has the sensational title of “The Duck That I Saw on Vacation.” Trust me, folks, this is just as fascinating as it sounds. Dare I say, even more?? See you then!


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