ya gotta laugh

I’ve been reading about the importance of humor in life. We had a truly hilarious night last night. Thinking about it in blog-form actually brought a smile to my face in the wee hours of the morning. Here is how it enfolded for Todd and me. 10:30 – lights out. 10:31 – Todd falls asleep. 11:00 – Snuggled up cozily, I realize it’s probably getting too cold for Ty, who’s in a short sleeve shirt. I rouse myself and go upstairs to turn the air down. 1:30 – The doorbell rings three times. Todd and I sprint from our beds in Santa-sighting fashion. Of course, there’s no one there. Todd eventually sights a few envigorated pre-teens hiding behind some trees. 1:45 – back in bed. Todd mumbles something about how much fun those kids think they are having, which makes me wonder if we are getting some sort of divine retribution for some similar acts several decades ago. 2:00 – In one final hurrah of eighth grade deliquency, the doorbell rings again. Nice touch. (We ignore it.) 3:00 – Sam awakes, crying loudly. I race upstairs before he wakes up Ty to realize we are missing some particular stuffed animal. Whispering, I pacify him and go downstairs. 3:30 – Ty awakes for a bottle. Yes, a bottle. Yes, he is 14 months old. (I comply.) 5:30 – Sam awakes again, crying loudly. I rush upstairs to discover he has somehow stubbed his toe. We get settled down. Downstairs I inform Todd that when the boys wake up, it is his turn to get up in the morning. He responds, “I’d be happy to.” “That’s great,” I say. “Because I hear him now practicing his consonants.” Silence from Todd. Guess I must have still been whispering. 6:30 – Ty is still talking/crying. Todd and I have a brief but spirited discussion on what classifies crying. Todd leaves. *post-script. I did get to go back to sleep for a little bit. (Thank you Todd.) And when I got up, breakfast was being served, and unlike a prior snack of Dad’s, it wasn’t even applesauce with skittles. So all’s well that ends well. And that’s what coffee’s for, right!


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