Dear Steven Curtis Chapman

Dear Steven.

Hi. We’ve known each other for a long time. We go way back. You probably remember that concert in ’96 in Charlotte. It was at a church and I’m PRETTY sure we made some good eye contact. Could have been the blinding lights, also.
Anyways, I guess I’ve had distant admiration for you for a while. To be honest, growing up I was more of a Michael W. sort of girl. Might have been that raspy voice. But I did like you, too. You always made me cry with that “I Will Be Here” song. That was sweet. And, of course, the later Cinderella song about your little girls. Which reminds me, I can’t believe how amazing you and your wife have been since the tragedy involving the loss of your child. I think that’s what really made me respect you, on a truly serious level.

And then most recently, I want to thank you for that song you wrote about me. That – was so special.

When I heard it, when Sam and I were driving to Lowe’s last week, I truly burst into tears. Because, why yes, yes I did pick up toys for the 15th time, and try to match socks, and yes I did throw color on my lips and a baby on my hip, and yes, I was completely exhausted and wondering the point of it all was.

And then you reminded me. See, I got confused. Sometimes I honestly and truly believe that getting the potatoes peeled before naptime, or the bills done by the 15th, or the prescriptions picked up before 4 – that the point is to DO everthing (or at least one thing!?) on the list. And you knew how stressed that was making me, because of course having a to-do list and a toddler is just asking for disappointment. It won’t get done, probably, whatever it was that needed done. Thanks for reminding me that “it all matters just as long As you do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you.” When you told me that, I really felt better. I felt hopeful. Like I had a goal I could accomplish. Would that last load of laundry be folded before bedtime? Heck, would the FIRST load of laundry be folded?? Um, let’s be honest NO. Would my children do what I wanted them to? Not looking good. But could I do everything for God? Well, now THAT I could try. His yoke is easy and his burden is light.

You know me, Steven. Too, too well. Thanks again for the reminder. Until we meet again…

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