the lion in me

Are you familiar with the animal personality test? I, who am obsessed with personality tests, find it to be one of the most insightful. I think Gary Smalley invented it, the love language guy. Anyway, you are either a golden retriever nice), a beaver (organized), a lion (leader), or an otter (fun). Forgive me, Gary Smalley, if you are reading this for my horribly oversimplistic descriptions. Well people who don’t know me very well usually peg me for a retriever. I guess because I smile a lot. Oh, you silly people…
Then if you know me a little better you might say I’m a beaver, because I do have nerd-like qualities and appear to be organized. However if I am being truthful, there is a large, predominating lion-like nature to the very deep inside core of Jessica. Ask my husband and he can verify if you are doubtful. Here’s how I know this. Again, my deepest apologizies to Mr. Smalley for the positive mangling of his test, but here’s how I see it. If you want to know what animal you are, fill in the blank to this question, which would be your life motto or something.
If you do something…
a) do it right.
b) do it so no one is upset
c) do I really have to do this thing anyway? are you sure? there’s probably something way more interesting.
Whenever I wonder which animal I am, I remember that my answer is, in fact, none of these mottos, but rather this: If you do something, do it as fast as you possibly can so you can finish right now, giving no attention at all to whether it is done correctly or people are happy. Just get it done.
Now this philosophy has its merits but also a few obvious flaws. Ask my Dad, a true and true to the core lion. Sidenote, if there is a stressful situation, don’t send two lions into the CVS to pick out a humidifier. Maybe just send along a golden retriever or two. Heck, even an otter to lighten the mood. Anyways, my Dad was quick to point out (takes one to know one) that, yes, Jessica, we do need a humidifier for your sick baby. But should we perhaps, um, read the label first, prior to checking out? I’m not going to tell you this was a real peaceful scene, start to finish. Like I said, two lions, stressed out, not good.
But the point is this. Sometimes, I concur, haste does make waste. I have about thirteen projects, done in a day, that, ahem, well, let’s just say they need to be done again.
I was pondering that this morning when I got the sudden urge to organize my entire house. And I mean ENTIRE, people. No cue-tip box unnoticed, no junk drawer left unsorted, no random vitamin jar unmated to its far away counterparts. I want this house Pottery Barn spotless and Target organized. (Unrelated note: If you really want something done, stop drinking coffee for six months and then have a cup in the morning. The energy is UNREAL!!!!!
Anyways, here’s the problem. Not even the most determined, efficient, caffeinated lion could finish this job before being interrupted by an awakened napper, hungry toddler, or, even, the setting sun. This project is too big to finish quickly. Which makes me not want to start, but I don’t think that is the right lesson. Instead, I am going to try to solicit my otter of a husband and my beaver of a mom to help me slow down, relax, and do it right. And I guess that is a lesson I should try more often. I’ve thought of a few ways that my life could be more full with a relaxed, thoughtful, patient mentality. For instance (random alert), if I take a shower, blow-dry, and straighten my hair, though it takes some time I actually am happier for the remainder of that day (feeling a bit more like a normal, socializing adult) and can even get another day and a half of truly good hair days. Worth the time.
Also, projects. BE PATIENT. Do not purchase the first high chair someone mentions, because for the next two years you will be annoyed that it doesn’t travel. And on and on.
I have no idea if this helps any lions out there. But I guess the moral of the story is to be you, but be a better you. Is that cheesy or what. But I do have to go now. I estimate only about ten more minutes of nap time. Better go finish some projects before this coffee wears off!!!!


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