the sayings of sam

I keep telling myself, you’ve got to write these down somewhere. And if I had a notebook I carried with me all day, along with my camera and video camera like the Perfect Mommy in my head, I would. But oh well. Overall, I would say I prefer the talking stage to the not talking stage. Although there are moments, like today when Sam demanded “special treat special treat special treat” loudly during the church welcome, church prayer, Scripture reading, and every other moment of silence in between, when I may not. Here are some things Sam has been telling us.
– While driving to see Santa: “Santa, play football, say touchdown.” (?)
– He often wants to “drive it” when he sees any machine/vehicle. To which I have been responding, “maybe someday.” To date he has said, “Drive it, maybe someday…” naming specifically the UPS truck, the dragon at Harris Teeter, the moon (yes), the school bus, a bulldozer, golf cart, Grammy’s car, fire truck, ambulance, mountains, and, perhaps most emphatically, the mailman’s car (?). He’s kind of a dreamer, we’ve realized…The “maybe someday” has also been said regarding “play golf on TV,” “go camping” and “climb mountain with Daddy,”
– Apparently I am an affirmative parent. He notes frequently about his activities, “Sam such a good job __________. ( A few notables he has named: pooping, eating noodles, sweeping the floor, vaccuuming tree mess, throwing clothes down, swinging golf club, singing, and taking medicine.) Glad we don’t have any self-esteem issues thus far.
– We golf non-stop. We narrate our golfing non-stop. “Sam putting ball. Sam look at ball. Mommy watching Sam putting ball. Sam swing. Good swing! Nice putt! Go get it ball. Mommy putt. Mommy putt. Mommy hit the ball…” I am concerned about how crushed he will be when he realizes golf is a silent sport.
– Prayers. We are thankful for the following: baby Tommy, the fireplace, football book (Sports Illustrated), Daddy football on tv redskins and hat (this is was all one prayer), Josephine, Jesus book, and friends.
– Speaking of friends, a children’s book of his references “best friends.” I’m not sure he understands the whole concept, but he enjoys saying it. He will say when we are doing the same thing, “best friends, all eating pizza.” “Best friends, sitting by fire.” “Best friends, watching Thomas.” “Best friends, brushing teeth,” and such and such. It’s precious.
– We are learning prepositions and minor parts of speech. “After” is the favorite. “After Sam go pee, go see Grammy.” and such and such. For about a week he thought “afternoon” and “after” were synonymous. Off the record, this got a little annoying. Another fav is “proby.” “Probby go golfing soon.” “Probby redskins play football soon.” “Probby be more booberries later,” etc. He’s quite hopeful.
– And finally, Todd said they passed a deflated Santa decoration and Sam said, “Santa, laying down, watching jet planes.” Sure, Sam. 🙂
I can’t wait to see how much more interesting this is going to get…


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