Post 3: Healthy Eating

Meet Meghan. She’s a real live Martha Stewart, but nicer. Honestly. I still remember the every dish of the 4-course meal she cooked the first time we came over for dinner. Yes, I am obsessed with food, but it was over three years ago, people. That’s a memorable meal, I don’t care who you are. One time I was having a bad day and came over for a visit, and she sent me home with wine in a sippy cup. Not sure if that’s legal, but don’t you like her already? She has recently relocated to a unique organic farming/residential neighborhood that has gained national attention. I am jealous of the farmer’s market within walking distance!!!!
Here are her very practical tips:
Gosh, it’s so hard! I could talk about this all day.
I try to buy local produce as much as possible. Local and seasonal is usually the least expensive, most nutritious and a lot more fresh.
Whole grains like brown rice, bulgar wheat, and whole grain pasta are staples. Packed with protein and so good for you.
Canned tomatoes from Italy (san Marzano) for soups and sauces are good in winter when you can’t buy farm tomatoes.
Boxed broth is $2 at trader joes and I use it for everything.
Fresh market has dry goods you can buy in bulk- grains, beans, etc.
I don’t eat meat but when I buy it for other people it is always organic and grass fed.
Coconut oil is so good for you- I use it to make popcorn. Not so good for you, but whatever:)
Plant an herb garden to add tons of color and flavor to meals. Cheaper than buying the $2 packets at the store.
Amy’s organic frozen meals are so good when u don’t feel like cooking.
Frozen berries and fruit for smoothies.
If I eat soy I make sure it is not genetically modified. If it says organic it is not gmo.
Bottom line, the least processed the better. It takes a little bit more effort at first, but you will feel amazing.
I still love a chip and I eat them regularly, but I balance chips with lots of greens and whole grains.
I don’t eat dairy so I use almond milk to cereal and coconut milk for creamer.
I will bake some chicken breast to have on hand for a sandwich or to put on a salad for dinner with walnuts.
Or just have some barbecue sauce for dipping and have the salad on the side.
Buckwheat noodles (also called Soba-has tons of protien) with broccoli sauteed in olive oil and some lemon.
I live on avocados.


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