What Is Wrong With Parenting Magazine. (It’s not a question; I’m going to tell you.)

I know. Not a very nice title. So I will start with something positive, a shout-out. To my mother-in-law. One of my favorite things about Carole, my mother-in-law, is that her love language is gifts and letters. This means I very frequently open my mailbox to find an “envelope (or box) o’ stuff.” Unfortunately, I am horrible at cards and letters these days. I hope she doesn’t feel terribly unloved. But anyways, Carole knows two things about me: 1. I love to read. 2. I am poor. Because of her, I enjoy a wide range of reading material that I would not otherwise. My favorite, of course, is Real Simple, which literally makes my day when I get it. Obviously. She’s also sent a wonderful women’s devotional, and a really cool “HomeMade” magazine, with all kinds of amazing ideas I will never be creative enough to implement, but totally respect.
And I also enjoy Parenting Magazine. And I do mean “enjoy.” I love reading about the new baby toys, and trendy snacks for kids and parents (mostly kids…is that wrong?). There are a lot of interesting articles about safety, diet, people who go on really fun trips or do creative things with their jobs, etc. etc. And, to put it bluntly, on a very lonely and begrudging day, I am downright ecstatic to get my hands on the happy pages of Parenting during a bathroom reprieve.
But I have a gripe. I’ll call it, to be productive, a “missed opportunity,” or a “room for improvement.” Because it has the readership, concept, and design to be a really terrific, helpful magazine, but I believe it falls short. Here are the things that bother me. I’m sure Carole agrees. 🙂
1. Emphasis on “me time.” Listen people. I am all for “me time.” There is a good and rightful place in this world for pedicures, solitary vacations to Palm Springs, mom’s night out, and escaping to the bathroom from a whining kid, etc, etc. But would it be too much to ask that for every eight articles about the former, there might be – I don’t know – ONE article encouraging moms to do something boring, unsatisfying and unselfish, for the sake of your kids? You almost get the idea reading it that being a good mom means indulging yourself.
2. And on that note, (and I know I sound like a fifty-year-old) but what is up with the sex columns? Was I the only fifth grader who read mom’s magazines when I was really bored? I bet I wasn’t. If you are reading Parenting, then you have a kid. A kid who doesn’t really NEED to know about sex technique, problems, or toys (yes!).
3. A little too much politics. Lesbian moms (“dads”?), diagnosing prejudice, and eliminating gender roles to name a few things. I’m fine with that if it’s Time, but seriously. Can’t we just consumer review diapers?
There. I feel better now. That’s what you get for reading the blog of a pregnant woman. I’ll try to be more positive next time.

3 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With Parenting Magazine. (It’s not a question; I’m going to tell you.)

  1. Agreed. I get Parenting – The Early Years …and my favorite was a little article listing the benefits of the Healthcare Bill for mommies. Ignorant moms reading that may actually believe it. A special room to pump instead of sitting in a bathroom stall is nice but not at the expense of backrupting our country. Is that harsh? Sorry. Anyways good post 🙂

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