things I want to write down or else I’ll forget

1. You have the fattest, most beautiful little bouncy tippy-toe legs and toes I’ve ever seen.
2. Your first words, in order: Mom. Jack. Dog. Dad. and “oval.” I’m pretty sure, oval.
3. The word you say the most, although we have no clue to what it refers: “Dadda-do. Dadda-do.” Door? Daddy? Uh-oh? Who knows. We’re pretty sure it means something to you.
4. You took your first steps last Saturday. Walked straight to Dad – we didn’t even try to make you – you just went!
5. The way you jump up and down, laughing and squealing when I come in to get you in the morning.
6. You got your first big bruise when you tried to hug Jack and he moved. Poor little forehead hit straight on the hardwood floor.
7. You love hearing the phonetic alphabet or numbers to ten. I’m pretty sure you’re a baby genius.
Your favorite things, in the order we experience them daily:
– SamMule.
– Hugging SamMule.
– Bouncing down the stairs in the morning for the first time.
– Cheerios – more the anticipation than the eating. You get VERY excited to see them, eat about five, and throw the rest on the floor to enjoy later.
– The bottle, of course. Even the word gets a giddy laugh.
– seeing Jack.
– “doggies.” the word, a picture, the plastic one with a red string, mean-looking unfriendly ones on a walk, tiny little ones that look like wet cats – they are all beautiful and hilarious to you.
– the song “Baby Beluga.” It is the weirdest song but apparently Raffi knew what he was doing, because it, to you, is wonderful.
– crackers and Popsicles, your junk food.
– seeing your Daddy walk through the door. Hands down, the best moment of the day.
8. “Hug” was the first word you understood. Since about month five, you slowly and affectionately lower your nose into, and wrap your arms around, the nearest object or person when you hear the word.
9. Everyday we fight sin and temptation in the form of the lemon tree, the cabinet with the spaghetti sauce, computer keys, berries on the holly bush, the cords on the VCR, and the china cabinet with the bowl of fake pears. Need to move that thing. Seriously.
10. Your first tricks were: “clap, clap, clap”, “How Big Is Sam?”, high five, pointing at Mommy in pictures (and Daddy, although sometimes Daddy is other random males in pictures, much to the concern of the aforementioned), and waving (which currently signifies not only bye-bye but also “I want that,” “Move Me” “I am Angry,” and “Thanks, this is delicious.”)
11. You hate getting your diaper changed, nose wiped, face cleaned, or leaving the bathtub.
12. You are happy, passionate, curious, determined, and make our lives so much better! We love you 🙂


One thought on “things I want to write down or else I’ll forget

  1. i liked this post! but not as much as i like sam… seriously though, there were lots of really cute images of sam (and jack) that came to mind when i read this one.

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