My life has changed quite a bit in the last two weeks.
People used to say, “Don’t be in a hurry for the crawling. Things get a lot harder.” I smiled like I agreed, all the while silently hoping for this oh-so-significant milestone. Yes, I admit I would prod him along in secret, placing him in limbs down position and applauding any sign of forward (okay, or backward) movement.
Well, you people were right. Although crawling, and moving, and lounging, and grabbing, and clawing, and reaching, are all quite adorable in their own rights, I AM EXHAUSTED.
In the last two weeks, I have saved Sam from: licking the television outlet, grabbing a light cord, doing a pull-up on the MOVING cabinet shelf, and eating a combful of hair, dog food, and my shoes. I have turned around just in time to see him: standing up backwards in his high chair, gleefully nuzzling the vacuum, and sprinting – not crawling – towards the bathroom with a firm-eye towards the toilet. He has attempted unsuccessfully (there are angels) to pry open the freezer, get into the trash/cleaning cabinet (I do have SOME things baby-proofed!), grab a hold of the stake near the sidewalk (a.k.a fire hydrant for the dogs in the neighborhood!) and stand assisted with the prop of his cousin Jack. I have realized my sad attempts at babyproofing need also to include: all smidgens of dust, dirt, and food smaller, larger, or same-sized as a pea sitting on the carpet, everything under the bed and inside of drawers, and anything that looks dangerous and movable, because it will be used to pull oneself up within 25 seconds of sighting.
In all of the madness, I am thankful for a few things. One, the pack-n-play. Two, extra chances to burn calories. And, of course, a healthy little boy. Sam, you are tiring, but you are perfect. 🙂

One thought on “Changes

  1. Ha. this will totally be me – I keep thinking how fun it will be when they can crawl… I know I'm being so naive, especially considering it'll be times two! Can't wait to see Sam crawling around!

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