The New Todd

I think it started when I asked him what he ate for breakfast. “A pack of crackers and a coke” was the answer, and something inside me died. No husband of mine will EVER eat crackers and coke for breakfast, I informed him. And that was the beginning.
We have always packed Todd’s lunches to save money. I am embarrassed to say that cost was the defining factor, and as anyone knows, eating crap is much cheaper than eating healthy. But as of Jan. 4 I decided (much to my husband’s dismay), Cheetos, Coke, Little Debbies, fruit on the bottom yogurt, cheese nips, doritos, yes, even “granola bars” (more sugar than granola) were a thing of the past.
I am excited about my revisions. And so far, so is Todd. Lucky for me, what he lacks in nutrition he makes up for in tolerance. Translation: After five years of bachelorhood (pickles and cereal for dinner – no lie), he eats anything I put in front of him with relish. (Not the pickle relish anymore, but the you-are-amazing-these-are-the-best-meatballs-ever relish.)
And in all honesty, who wouldn’t prefer homemade mini banana bran muffins with side of cheese cubes over those greasy crackers? And that fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, that is an imposter! Healthy my eye!! Modified food starch, careegan, high fructose corn syrup, red dye #5…are you kidding me??? Now we eat PLAIN vanilla yogurt with frozen fruit on top and a splash of honey. Yum! Of course my hubby still likes a crunch with his sandwich. We comprimise. Turns out Fritos and plain Lays have no preservatives, so I’m okay with them… Eventually I will transition him to a fist-sized serving of walnuts, but don’t tell him yet. Baby steps. And dessert? The biggest problem with dessert is that I keep eating them. I’ve frozen “peanut butter chocolate monster oat cookies” in the freezer. I would literally eat them for breakfast. And come to think of it, so does Todd now. Oh well. You can’t win all your battles. 🙂
I’d love to hear some of your healthy lunch options!


One thought on “The New Todd

  1. kenzo and i just laughed as i read this out loud to him. you forgot to mention the tuna with mac and cheese that was a dinner staple for todd. the tone was pretty funny . . . "i will transition . . ." i am glad that he has a say in this. jk. here's to a healthier 2010. ps…wheat breaded sandwiches, cheese stick and an apple is a healthy lunch (and kenzo throws in "whole wheat" gold fish or pretzels for the salt/crunch factor.come to think of it, you could do a little tupperware of peanut butter with the pretzels or hummus).

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