I’ve got the soy soy soy soy down in my heart

For those of you who have been sitting on pins and needles wondering how the story “Sam and the Search for a Formula” would end, relaxxxxxxx. Here it is! I’m not super excited about soy formula – never was – but Sam is chugging it like a champ and doing great! (I’ve added it to spiders, mice and Boss the bulldog in things we pray God will protect Sam from.)
We have been so thankful for the progress Sam has made since the big scare in July. A few weeks ago we realized truly how much that behavior WAS milk allergy. We tried Sam on Alimentum, which is milk broken down into very basic parts. It’s supposed to work for milk- allergic babies, but after a few days, our happy little guy wasn’t so cheerful…tired, not wanting to interact, a scary deja vu.) A switch back to soy, and he is happy!!!
I think this is interesting to note. When I think of allergic reactions, I think of epi pens, puffy eyes, spitting up…I don’t think of lethargy, inactivity, and autistic symptoms. But for Sam, this was his reaction. I have heard that gluten allergies produce similar things. One group claims to “cure” autism with diet changes, in fact. I am so thankful we discovered it so quickly with Sam! No milkshakes anytime soon! It is possible he will grow out of it. (I did.) One final tidbit…Food allergies are highly genetic. If you have/had an allergy, your child has a 25% chance of having it. If both parents have it, 75%! Not that we needed it, but there’s another good reason to avoid getting a cat as a pet in the Smartt household! (Cats are so lame anyways…:)

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