Eyeore Cheers Up

As I was telling someone this week, my spiritual gift is pessimism. I have a beautiful knack for seeing the tunnel and not the light, the cloud and not the lining. My friends and family are blessed. I feel badly that it’s probably filtered over the blog, so today instead of analyzing or complaining, it is sunshiney optimism day! I LOVE the four-month age. I have to admit, when I posted a poll about the funnest age and “birth to age 1” won, I was a little skeptical and, well, terrified. If THIS is the best, then what the HECK is coming next. But I think I get it…Things are getting fun 🙂 Now at four months, Sam laughs with recognition at the bath, Bjourn, and bottle, enjoys tickle fests, and LOVES the Johnny Jumpup, which right now is the highlight of my life. In case you are unaware of the Johnny Jumpup, it’s a baby-bungee-jumping contraption that looks like it was created in the back of a garage by two dads. Obama will probably outlaw it next, but until then, what fun!!
Also exciting this age is the sleep schedule. Most days – the mind reels – I turn Sam on his side, turn on the mobile, and voila – he falls asleep. It’s like your wedding; you never thought the day would come. But the days that doesn’t work, then…we dance. If you know my dancing you’re laughing, but it’s a beautiful thing. We start with Miley Cirus and by 30 seconds into “Whatever It Is” by Zac Brown he’s out. (If he’s still awake by BarlowGirl, by the way, it was merely mom and not Sam who was tired. Oops.)
Anyway, these moments are just precious. I am enjoying them while they last!

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