From the Future Jessica

This post started out (in my head) as some helpful advice to you single and childless people. It was titled “To My Single Friends” and it was filled with little tidbits of advice, straight from me to you. Things like, go out and enjoy a jog. Treasure your full night of sleep. Realize as busy as you think you are now, it’s nothing. Relish in the freedom of a lazy afternoon, etc. etc. It would have been good, but it backfired.
As I thought about it, I remembered that I ALWAYS look back on each stage of life I pass and berate myself for not enjoying/treasuring the unique blessings of that stage. (Except for high school. I really think I enjoyed high school as much as one could possibly enjoy high school. Which, let’s be honest, is not too much.) Anyway, it hit me. Is it possible I will look back on THIS stage – with its exhaustion and feeling cluelessly over my head – and feel I missed something? The answer comes as soon as the question is finished. “This stage goes so fast,” Mom says. It’s cliche, I’ve heard it again and again, but somehow today it clicked. I looked at Sam in his Bumbo seat with his burped on bib and little sweatpants and…Enjoy this. I was SO sure that teaching and coaching was the hardest my life would ever get. Ha. There seems more at stake here. I’m choosing to listen to the warning now and not feel the guilt later. Tonight’s 3 am feeding will be treasured!


One thought on “From the Future Jessica

  1. So I know I'm only slightly behind you, but this was great to read today – I am exactly the same way and any reminder to cherish where I am NOW is a great encouragement. Thanks for writing! I'll try to remember this at 4 am 🙂

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