Got Milk?

Got milk? Don’t be mislead by the upbeat title. I’m overwhelmed. The dilemma is complex and probably boring to anyone who hasn’t breastfed a baby. Oh, how crucial all the boring facts have become.
So Sam is allergic to milk. That leaves three options. Soy formula, nutremagin (rice-based formula, which contains MSG!), or me resuming breastfeeding and omitting dairy from my diet.
Two weeks ago, when the question was presented, I chose the soy formula. Today, I considered titling this post “Soy Formula Is the Devil.” Maybe I should have. Don’t get me wrong, aside from some VERY painful BMs, Sam is doing great. Here’s the problem. After reading this, go google “soy formula.” Just do it. Read all of the horrifying, back-woods, unfounded but terrifying blogs, forums, and chatroom hysterics about the dangers of soy in babies. Boy babies in particular. Here’s your science lesson for the day: soy produces estrogen. (Who knew?) I’ve read about 8 times that a baby eating only soy formula consumes FIVE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS A DAY????!?!? What??? True or not, I’m done with it.
The issue would be over except for one, measly, annoying problem. Have you ever heard the word “relactation”? Me neither, but apparently it refers to the ability of a mom to resume breastfeeding, and apparently, it is about as possible as getting rid of wrinkles: once in a blue moon, it might happen. Nurse or pump 23 hours a day for 3 weeks and, who knows, you might get some milk. So here is my task, the one I have chosen to accept.
1. Say farewell to pizza, cheese, yogurt and ice cream indefinitely, and hope that all the small amounts of dairy in everything else won’t bother Sam.
2. Spend most of the next few weeks trying to “relactate.” (Isn’t the term already getting on your nerves?)
3. Do this all while continuing to be energetic, attentive, and focused on improving little Sam.
The funny thing is, even though in my head, I feel as if I just finished a marathon and someone said, “Great, now turn around and do it again,” in my HEART, I am not worried. God has already given so much, and shown us so much. I know he will provide. It just may be interesting in the meantime…

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