Prayers I Have Prayed

Soon after Sam was born I sent out an email to some of my friends asking for their prayer requests. I said I would spend some of my time nursing praying for them. I think they thought I was pretty holy.

So I feel the need to make a confession. Don’t worry; if you were one of those friends your request DID get covered. But I realized recently that since Sam MOST of my prayers have been for selfish, ridiculous, or outlandishly insignificant things. I’m not sure if anyone can identify, but here are some of my prayers…

1. God, please let me finish this spaghetti before Sam gets unhappy in the bouncy seat.

2. Please keep me from tripping over the laundry in the middle of the night when I’m walking the halls with Sam like a zombie.

3. If in the middle of a chaotic moment I realize I can’t keep hold of both Sam and my ice water, help me remember in time which one to drop.

4. Help Sam to not be allergic to peanut butter since my hands were full of it before I gave him his pacifier.

5. Please let Sam get this poop out. (If you’re confused on this one, see previous post “Things Babies Hate,” number 5.)

6. Please keep Sam safe from spiders, child abductors, and snakes (yes) in his crib at night.

7. Make the lightning stop so Sam can sleep.

8. Help me not be a flake and walk away from the grocery cart when Sam is in it.

9. Please keep Sam from screaming bloody murder in Birkdale.
and, here it is…the most-prayed prayer of all…

10. PLEASE LET SAM FALL ASLEEP! (I thought I was a horrible mom until I read this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “There never was a child so pleasant but that that his mother was happy to see him asleep.” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Prayers I Have Prayed

  1. I love that quotation! I stumbled upon it around Mother's Day and marveled at how eloquently Emerson put my thoughts into words. Leave it to you my English major friend to find solace in these words:)

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