Calling All Mothers – Update

Wow! I have already received so much encouraging and helpful advice on the issue of sleep! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Stay tuned for some snipits of this stuff…really great things! In the meantime, thought of two additional questions.
1. Babywise says, “You (Mom) decide when the nap ends.” What the heck does that mean??? Isn’t “Don’t wake a sleeping baby” one of the cardinal rules of life?? What if he sleeps through an eating time? How do I know he’s had enough sleep?
2. Right now I rock and “shh” Sam to a drowsy/beginning sleep stage, then put him down. Should I be putting him down wide awake? If not now, when? How do I know he’s ready for that?


3 thoughts on “Calling All Mothers – Update

  1. Jess…I will try to take the take to write more later, but the greatest resource I have found since being a mom is It is FULL of answers to all these questions and so many more! We have done babywise and it's worked great for me and for Tucker but even if you're not doing babywise all the way, this website is very helpful. You can look up ALL the ?'s you're asking! Good luck!

  2. I know that my mom always put me in my crib wide awake and I fell asleep after a little crying. But that could be terribly wrong… look how I turned out after that? Ps… my bff are my 2 blankies too… i knew Sam and I would have many things in common! 🙂

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