I’m just a normal blogger after all… (Highlights of this Week)

No offense to you other bloggers, but when I started the blog I had some high ambitions. While most family blogs chronicle vacations and chart development milestones, I planned mine to be a bit more lofty. Sure your kid rolled over, but wouldn’t you like to hear an eloquent opinion on the health care plan? (It stinks, by the way.) I mean I was an English major…writing has to have significance, and import.
I’m rethinking my plan for a few reasons. The first is that quite frankly it’s just been one of those weeks. I’m lucky I have clean underwear on. Having the energy to formulate something interesting and relevant to share? Come on.
But secondly, and more importantly, I guess I’ve realized the glory of the “mundane.” Because with Sam, even the mundane is beautiful. It’s been a big week for Sam. He’s 10 weeks old now, and lots of things have happened this week to show he’s really growing. They’re small, and they may not matter to anyone else but I can’t resist; here are a few:

– He can hold his head up on his own!
– Growing up as someone whose closest friends were stuffed animals (sad, I know) I was particularly excited about this one: Sam bonded this week with a new friend. He is a mule whose name is – wait for it – SamMule. Thanks to Aunt Marci for this awesome find. I have a great video on my phone of Sam trying to eat his nose. I figure that means something pretty special in infant-talk.
– On a related note, Sam has (I breathed a deep sigh of mommy relief) achieved the typical two month milestone of attempting to “bat” at objects in front of him – in this case, SamMule’s hoof. Still hasn’t quite grabbed on effectively, but let’s be honest, if I’d like to keep wearing earrings that’s probably better anyways.
– Sam slept through the night! For real this time. Dinner at 8:30, to bed, and didn’t make a peep until 5:00, when, I must confess, my motherly concern (also known as sinful, irrational worry) got the best of me and I woke him up accidentally on purpose. I’m curious how much more beautiful rest he could have enjoyed if his mommy would have let him.
– This was the best: this week Sam laughed a real laugh. Not a giggle or cough with a smile – a belly-happy laugh. We actually captured it on video. I’m prouder of this video than any
I’ve ever taken, including the pre-tornadic cloud from last summer, which is saying a lot. I think you can view it at http://mail.google.com/mail/h/oqh1nfnn7b27/?view=att&th=122b7f2fb436f8b0&attid=0.1&disp=attd&zw, but I’m not sure. Let me know.
– Sam ate pizza this week No, just kidding!! Still breastmilk for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This was all very exciting because in the beginning I remember thinking guiltily that Sam didn’t quite seem human yet. (Of course I didn’t think that really, but it didn’t feel like it yet.) It’s so exciting to see him growing into his own little person!
Sam with SamMule.

2 thoughts on “I’m just a normal blogger after all… (Highlights of this Week)

  1. you hush about sam sleeping through the night! 😉 my goodness….here's how my night went: jake was put to bed at 10:45 pm. he woke me up at 1:30. was back to bed at 2:15. woke me up at 4:30. was back to bed at 5:10. woke me up at 6:50….and here we are…just like his daddy, this munchkin apparently does not require much sleep :)on a serious note, i am truly happy for you that sam is sleeping so well. i am celebrating that with you!!xo

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