Favorite Thing of the Week

I apologize for those long-distance readers out there. You’ll just have to try it when you come visit. Todd and I will enjoy our two-year anniversary on Tuesday (wow!) and we got to celebrate this Saturday by revisiting our rehearsal dinner spot. I have said before that I think this place has the best food in Lake Norman, and I still say it. We got “asparagus fries” (AMAZING) and fried green tomatoes for an appetizer. I ordered the tilapia, but mainly because it comes with this incredible potato cake filled with cheese. Now, the main disappointment of the meal was that although it used to be filled with goat cheese, it now has ricotta and mozerella, a far inferior substition. I also enjoyed balsamic tomatoes as a side; they’re great. Todd got Mahi-Mahi and said it was “flavorful and not fishy” (a compliment). The best thing, of course, is that we utilized our “buy one get one free” coupon from the Clipper so we got all of this gourmet-ness for $40, tax and tip. Not bad for the best food on the lake!


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