Easy Dinner

This meal is not my creation…I owe it to my friend Julie with whom I taught last year. It’s perfect for someone with kids! Here’s why.
At 10 am, when baby is happy and talking to the moving elephants, dump the following in the crock pot: two chicken breasts, can of black beans, frozen corn and some salsa.
At 11 am turn around at the front of your neighborhood and go back and turn the crock pot on.
At 6 pm when baby is fussy, hold him in one hand while stirring your mexican mixture. If you can manage, dump in half a pack of reduced fat cream cheese. At 7 pm when husband comes home, hand him the baby. Make some instant rice, heat up some tortillas, and, viola! After you eat yours, you grab the baby and hubby can eat. Deliciouso!

*There are no picrures because it’s one of those meals that looks like glop, but trust me, it’s good.


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